All good things Pipino

For the past years that I’ve been going to Pino Restaurant on date nights or hanging out with friends, I’ve always given minimal attention to Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant just atop of them on the second floor. Well, minimal until now.

I have now become more aware of the food I eat and the struggles of the animals worldwide so I have decided to put an end on my meat consumption for good and ultimately pursue a vegan life. We all know it’s significantly hard to lead a vegan life here in Manila because there’s just so many good food everywhere you go that serves meat. And it’s a great thing that Pipino Vegetarian restaurant came up with their version of plant-based quality good food.

Going into any Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant, I was honestly a little skeptical knowing it’s really hard for food chains to start with a solid 100% Vegan proper menu without the veggies being cooked on the same equipment as their meat options. But seeing and tasting the food we ordered here clearly changed my mind 🙂

Good vibes all around.
Lovin’ this wall of art! For me, a restaurant with nicely curated artwork is always a thumbs up.


My good friend Jann, who is a thriathlete, accompanied me that night after his run around the UP grounds. He’s not a vegan but he also enjoyed his meal 🙂 Check out this Vegetable Kare-kare, a traditional Filipino dish and one of their best-sellers. This is their vegan version served with black bean bagoong and brown rice. The sauce for kare-kare is usually made of peanut butter which Pipino Restaurant made exceptionally delicious.


I tried their comfort food, Vegan Pancit Canton, simply because I’ve been craving noodles for the past couple of days. Theirs is made of buckwheat noodles, assorted veggies, served with veggie spring rolls, and I paired it with cucumber shake. Yum!


They have a wide variety of desserts from dairy-free cakes to halo-halo. And we tried this mouth-watering Vegan Leche-Flan in their version of egg-free and dairy-free. You also shouldn’t miss their muffins and cupcakes which are perfect for pasalubongs to your loved ones or simply for yourself.


100% Plant-based and Plant-strong, Pipino takes locally-grown fruits and vegetables and turn them into creative vegan dishes, combining new and familiar flavors, textures and ingredients to satisfy the palate of vegan and meat-lovers alike, proving that 100% plant-based meals can be both healthy and delicious.

You may visit their restaurant at 39 Malingap Street (2nd Floor) Teachers Village, Quezon City, 1101 Philippines, no reservations required. Check out the advance menu on their website – Pipino Vegetarian Food.

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