Welcome to my site! Or should I say, my second site. I have to admit that the blogs I posted on my previous one exhibited the darker and somewhat depressing periods of my life. But now I’ve found an inner peace within me, I’m in a much happier place, new hobbies and crafts to focus on, and so I created a new one! And this time, I have my own domain. Isn’t it cool? 🙂

I’ve learnt that in order to find inner peace within yourself, you have to accept whatever life has brought upon you. You have to always focus on the positive, create solutions and turn a new leaf. As the saying goes: tomorrow brings another day. And it’s true! So, join me in my journeys as I face everyday’s trials and turning them into a new life’s adventure.

xoxo, KC.

email : contadokarlene@gmail.com

instagram : miss_kaicee

youtube channel : Miss_Kaicee

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